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Matte liquid lipstick by Immissoni | Review, Swatches and Costs

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Good afternoon readers, Today we talk about a company I was honored to collaborate a few weeks ago: Immissoni. It is a distributor of make-up products such as liquid lipsticks, metallic finish lipstick, fake eyelashes, and accessories such as makeup brushes.

The company gave me the choice of the tint of Matte liquid lipstick and I chose "Date Night" but unexpectedly I also received "Rose Nude"

But let's see it in detail: The Matte Liquid Lipstick by Immissoni, as it suffices the name, are liquid lipsticks which when dried, become completely matte. Initially, I had noticed from the swatches that they remained slightly satin, but then applying them on their lips were opaque. They come with a practical applicator that makes it easy to draw. 


Rose Nude according to me is the bare lipstick for excellence, a magnificent color! Nude pinkish rose .. fantasy! I had never found a lipstick of this color, it's unique in my collection. I am madly fond of this lipstick because it is very homogeneous on the lips, it is pigmented with only one pass and when dried, it is like velvet on the lips. This lipstick is really perfect from every point of view, pigmentation, comfort and durability, does not even go in contact with oily foods! Since I've been receiving it I'm using it almost every day and now I'm sure I will recompile it once it's finished. I have never tried such a high-performance liquid lipstick, many times it tends to trust more than the great brand products, trusting less well-known and less-popular brands. Product 5ML PRICE: £ 7.99



Date night instead is a red lobster red and as you know I do not particularly like red lipsticks. Despite this I wanted to give this I try. Despite being a hot red, it does not yellow the teeth and is super portable. Having very luscious lips I thought it was a bit vulgar for my lips and instead it's really stylish and it's not over the top for me! Date Night as Rose Nude is a very good liquid lipstick..doesn't dry your lips and lasts very long! I'm really satisfied! Product 5ML PRICE: £ 7.99


I literally fell in love with these liquid lipsticks, I think they are two of the best products I've received from companies so far. Price is affordable and has a crazy quality! I have never tried similar lipsticks! They do not stain, they never dry the lips, they are packed in the first pass and do not go when eating or drinking ... and 100% NO TRANSFER.

Many times it's hard to believe the words of our bloggers as we believe that we are "compelled" to enjoy everything just because we receive them for free! But that's not so!

 If I could show you how these lipsticks behave on me over the course of a day! They are really impeccable ....

I take this opportunity to thank the company, who has selected me among many girls .. I have been chosen in time. Because? Now the company has opted to collaborate only with the winner of their giveaway, following the many requests! In addition, it is an active company that interacts very closely with its collaborators and its clients through photos, posts and messages ... indeed professional! For this reason I feel even more honored and proud of having had the opportunity to try Immissoni products.

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