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Hello to all!

Today I am here to review three liquid lipsticks received from IMMISSONI London. The liquid lipsticks are not the only products sold by the company, there are also false eyelashes, a set of brushes and very nice t-shirt with printed phrases on makeup and much more. 

The site is and as you can see the products are really cheap but are of excellent quality. 

I had the pleasure to receive three liquid lipsticks, two metallic and one matte:

The first you see is a beautiful metallic gold named Golden Rays. The second, also metallic, is slightly warm purple colour and its name is Royalty. The last hand is a beautiful nude pink, completely opague, and its name could only be Rose Nude. 

In the picture you can see how they look on my lips, but I will also leave a picture of the swatches on my arm: 

As you can see the packaging is really very simple, the packaging is made of transparent plastic and you see the product for exactly what it is, the cap is also made of plastic and the feel in the hands is very light in weight. They all have a very delicate and sweet scent but once applied the smell disappears then it is also perfect for those who have a more sensitive sense of smell. They are also 100% cruelty free!

Each pack contains 5ml of product and costs only £7.99. Absolutely cheap, but really high quality, IMMISSONI has nothing to envy of other brands, even the more expensive ones.

Let's start with the first colour, Golden Rays:-

Definitely not a lipstick to be used everyday, but it is super special and very beautiful. It is a warm gold colour, I would say coppery, metallic and very bright. It is pigmented and just one pass to get a perfect result, when applied, dries quickly and becomes no-transfer without being dry. On the lips, it remains comfortable even with the passing of hours and does not go away completely, just slightly near the inside of the lips, if you eat oily food (this goes a bit for all lipsticks of any brand). 

Let us now turn to Royalty:-

It is a metallic purple from slightly warm undertone that depending on the light can almost seem bordeaux, also super light and no-transfer. The composition I suppose is the same as Golden Rays, because with just one stroke, you get a full smooth colour, it dries quickly and remains comfortable on the lips even with the passing of time. Obviously, as it is a darker shade, attention during application is important, to avoid trouble. A small and precise applicator is facilitated for precise application (I show it at the end of the post). Eating oily food goes away slightly inside of the lips but remains intact at the edges and does not smudge absolutely. 

And finally, Rose Nude:

It is absolutely the perfect nude for fair skin and varies according to the natural colour of the lips of the wearer. For me, for example, it comes out a little more rosey than the swatch on my arm, and I think that this feature means that it fits perfectly to anyone. Compared to the metallic shades, it is slightly less pigmented and to get a full colour, you have to make two passes. I advise you not to use too much product, because wiping becomes completely opaque and matter and tends to be a bit 'drier'. Nevertheless, it is still very comfortable and is definitely worth a try if like me, you go crazy for Rose Nude. It too, has no-transfer, but eating oily foods may make it remove slightly, but being a natural colour, means that it is not obviously and makes it perfect as a lipstick for everyday and all day wear. 

The applicator of the three lipsticks is identical, small and precise and allows you to get a perfect result without the need to resort to pencils to sketch the outlines:

Again, I leave the link to their official website, the company delivers all over the world and shipping costs vary be country of destination, for Italy, it should be about £3.80.

I invite you to follow IMMISSONI also on social media: 




I hope my review helps and I invite you to follow me also on instagram, my nickname is @ylodi_beautylife

See you soon!

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